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H.R. 810. Stem-Cell Research/Vote on Bill to Expand Embryonic Stem-Cell Research.
house Roll Call 204     May 24, 2005
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In this vote, the House passed a bill sponsored by Michael Castle (R-DE) to expand embryonic stem-cell research. The bill would permit federal funds to be used to support research on embryos left over from fertility treatments in cases where the embryos would otherwise be discarded. Embryonic stem-cell research faced steadfast opposition from the Bush White House and from the more conservative wing of the Republican party, which believed that such research destroys human beings. H.R. 810 in fact faced a veto-threat from the President. Many Democrats, including Progressives, as well as more moderate Republicans disagreed, noting, "What could be more life-affirming than using what would otherwise be discarded to save, extend and improve lives?" (James Langevin (D-RI).) The House considered this bill in conjunction with a bill to expand support for research on stem-cells taken from umbilical cord blood, which passed almost unanimously. Representatives who supported both bills readily agreed that research based on umbilical cord blood was worth pursuing, but noted the possibility that embryonic stem-cells might lead to medical breakthroughs that might not arise from cord-blood research. Progressives won on this issue when the House passed the embryonic stem-cell research bill by a vote of 238 to 194, with 50 Republicans crossing party lines to vote "yes," and 14 Democrats choosing to vote "no" with the majority of Republicans. Thus, the bill to expand embryonic stem-cell research was sent to the Senate, despite the strong threat of a veto from the President.

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