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H.R. 6. Energy/Vote on Amendment to Strike Oil Refinery Revitalization Provision from Energy Bill.
house Roll Call 115     Apr 20, 2005
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In this vote, the House defeated an amendment offered by Hilda Solis (D-CA) to H.R. 6, The Energy Policy Act of 2005, that would have stricken from the energy bill a provision that would permit the Department of Energy to establish or revitalize oil refineries in places where there exist defunct refineries or manufacturing facilities and where there is high unemployment. Arguing the Progressive position, Joe Crowley (D-NY) noted: "[t]his amendment ensures that the Federal laws and regulations that pertain to ensuring clean air and water and a solid quality of life for our constituents are not stripped out just because they or their community is facing some economic distress. . . . Specifically, the Solis amendment would strip out language that cynically allows refineries to move into economically distressed communities, override Federal environmental laws, trample on local zoning laws and ignore community opposition to set up shop." Solis stated that, "[m]ost of the neighborhoods in refinery communities are low-income minority communities with the least availability to defend themselves from corporate pollution, and most are vulnerable to environmental and public health problems, yet are targets in this very language." Republicans countered that the United States needs more refineries to lessen its dependence on foreign oil, and that the provision would both help meet that goal and bring much-needed revitalization and employment to economically depressed communities. The House defeated the Progressive position and the amendment by a vote of 182 to 248, with 15 Republicans crossing party lines to vote for the amendment and 33 Democrats joining the Republicans. Thus, language permitting the Department of Energy to establish or reestablish oil refineries in an expedited manner in communities with high unemployment was left in the bill.

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