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2010 Senate
Roll Call 163. S 3217. (Overhaul of financial regulations) Motion to endorse the idea that auto dealers should be exempt from being regulated by a new consumer financial protection entity/On the motion May 24, 2010. N L
2009 Senate
Roll Call 244. HR 3183. (Fiscal 2010 energy and water spending) Motion to preserve an amendment that would prohibit any further stimulus funds from going to automobile manufacturers and that would issue common stock in automobile manufacturers to taxpayers/On the motion Jul 29, 2009. N W
2009 House of Representatives
Roll Call 477. (H.R. 2454) On passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, which contained the new cap and trade program; that program mandated significantly reduced emission levels, and permitted higher emitting companies to purchase pollution credits from lower emitters. Jun 26, 2009. Y W
Roll Call 476. (H.R. 2454) On the Forbes of Virginia amendment to the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009; the amendment called for a public-private commission to develop a national energy plan and set seven energy independence goals. Jun 26, 2009. N W
2005 House of Representatives
Roll Call 132. H.R. 6. Energy/Vote on Passage of The Energy Policy Act of 2005, a Comprehensive Bill Dealing with Research and Development of Numerous Sources of Energy Apr 21, 2005. N L
Roll Call 121. H.R. 6. Energy/Vote on Amendment to Raise Average Fuel Economy Standards for Cars from 25 Miles Per Gallon to 33 Miles Per Gallon By 2015. Apr 20, 2005. Y L
Roll Call 120. H.R. 6. Energy/Vote on Amendment to Require the Environmental Protection Agency to Update Its Procedures for Rating Car Fuel Economies Apr 20, 2005. N L
2003 House of Representatives
Roll Call 132. H.R. 6. Energy Plan/Vote to Spur the Development of More Fuel Efficient Automobiles. Apr 10, 2003. Y L

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