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2012 Senate
Roll Call 113. (S. 2343) On passage of a bill to prevent the interest rate on student loans from doubling May 24, 2012. Y L
Roll Call 89. (S. 2343) On a procedural motion to clear the way for a separate vote on whether the Senate should consider legislation preventing student loan interest rates from doubling May 08, 2012. Y L
2010 Senate
Roll Call 76. (H.R. 4872) On a motion to table (kill) an amendment requiring the Secretary of Education to certify that no state would experience a net job loss as a result of students receiving loans directly from the federal government Mar 24, 2010. Y W
2009 House of Representatives
Roll Call 962. (H.R. 4173) On the of Peters of Michigan amendment that permitted the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to charge assessments to large financial institutions to help pay for any shortfall in the “TARP” funding that was used to bail out troubled banks Dec 11, 2009. Y W
Roll Call 719. (H.R.3221) On final passage of legislation providing that all new federal student loans be originated directly by the federal government rather than by private lenders issuing federally-guaranteed loans; the bill also authorized a new multi-billion-dollar federal construction program for K-12 schools, and for community colleges, and expanded federal student assistance grants and aid to historically black colleges. Sep 17, 2009. Y W
Roll Call 717. (H.R. 3221) On the Guthrie of Kentucky amendment that would have extended an existing government-guaranteed student loan program operated by financial institutions, rather than changing to one in which the government directly issues student loans; the amendment would also have removed a number of new educational spending programs from the bill, including one that greatly expanded federal funding for community colleges Sep 17, 2009. N W
Roll Call 703. (H. Res. 746) Legislation ending government-guaranteed education loans by third parties, and increasing the level of direct government education lending to students - - on agreeing to the resolution setting the terms for considering the bill Sep 16, 2009. Y W
2007 Senate
Roll Call 256. HR 2669. (Student loans reconciliation) Amendment by Nelson of Nebraska that would reduce the bill's proposed subsidy cuts to for-profit lenders/On agreeing to the amendment Jul 19, 2007. N W
Roll Call 255. HR 2669. (Student loans reconciliation) Amendment by Kennedy of Massachusetts that would increase funding for the new Promise grant program for the poorest college students/On agreeing to the amendment Jul 19, 2007. Y W
Roll Call 253. HR 2669. (Student loans reconciliation) Motion to begin debating a bill to redirect subsidies given to student loan lenders into financial aid for students/On the motion Jul 18, 2007. Y W
2007 House of Representatives
Roll Call 31. College Student Relief Act (H.R. 5)/Motion to recommit with instructions to apply the subsidized interest rate reductions only to graduates earning less than $65,000 annually and to active-duty military personnel Jan 17, 2007. N W
Roll Call 30. Outlining rules for debate (H. Res. 65) on the College Student Relief Act (H.R. 5)/On adoption of the resolution Jan 17, 2007. Y W
Roll Call 29. Outlining rules for debate (H. Res. 65) on the College Student Relief Act (H.R. 5)/Ordering the previous question (end debate and possibility of amendment) Jan 17, 2007. Y W

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