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2010 Senate
Roll Call 242. S 3816. (Social Security taxes for companies employing foreign workers) Motion to begin debating a bill that would reduce for two years the share of Social Security payroll taxes companies must pay if they hire new U.S.-based workers to replace those previously working overseas/On the motion Sep 28, 2010. Y L
2007 Senate
Roll Call 304. HR 976. SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program) - Motion to allow an amendment by Kyl of Arizona that would extend depreciation tax breaks for leased property/On the motion Aug 02, 2007. N W
2007 House of Representatives
Roll Call 262. Expanding the number of federal loan programs available to small businesses (H.R. 1332)/Motion to recommit with instructions make small businesses determined by the Small Business Administration to have been adversely affected by the minimum wage hike eligible for federal loans Apr 25, 2007. N W
2002 Senate
Roll Call 152. S 2600. Federal Terrorism Insurance/Vote to Table (Kill) an Amendment To Limit Coverage of Punitive Damages Resulting From a Terrorist Attack. Jun 13, 2002. Y W
2002 House of Representatives
Roll Call 120. HR 2871. Export-Import Bank/Vote to Eliminate U.S. Subsidies to Large Corporations That Layoff More U.S. Workers than Foreign Workers. May 01, 2002. Y L
Roll Call 83. HR 3925. Technology Workers Exchange Program/Vote to Prevent Private Workers Temporarily Employed in the Public Sector From Stealing Trade Secrets From the Federal Government. Apr 10, 2002. Y L

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